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Tower Signature Burgers 

6 oz Tennessee Hereford Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions, Pickles & Tower’s Mayo on a Brioche Roll

Nashville Veggie Burger

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa, Sprouts, Arugula & Pickled Onions


Additional Toppings:

Grilled Onions


Pickled Jalapenos 

Banana Peppers

Green Peppers


Fried Egg



French Fries


Extra Patty


*Call ahead to place your order

8pc Mix


12pc Mix


16pc Mix


24pc Mix


Peanut Butter & Jelly


Grilled Cheese


Turkey Sandwich


Ham Sandwich


Chicken Tender Basket



Apple, Beet, Carrot, Celery, Ginger, Orange


Ginger Roots

Apple, Carrot, Ginger


Summer Splash

Apple, Orange, Celery


Garden Salad 

Freshly Cut Romaine Hearts, Red peppers, Cucumber, carrot, grape tomatoes

Chicken Salad 


Tuna Salad


Macaroni Salad


Potato Salad


Coleslaw Salad


Egg Salad



*Add any meat 3.00


The Reuben

Corned Beef, Swiss, Sauerkraut & Thousand Island 

Dressing on Marble Rye


Turkey Avocado

Turkey, Cheese, Bacon, Pickled Onion, Avocado & Mayo on a Hero


The Italian 

Prosciutto, Ham, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone & Sabi Sauce on a Hero


Philly Cheese

Premium, freshly cut Rib-eye Beef, Provolone, Onion & Pepper on a hero


Spicy Sicilian 

Capicola Ham, Beef Salami, Pepperoni & Provolone Cheese with Bistro Sauce on a Hero


East Nasty

Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast, Capicola Ham, Jalapeno Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese & Sabi Sauce on a Ciabatta


Lamb Philly

Tower’s own Seasoned Roasted Leg of Lamb, Provolone Cheese, Grilled Peppers & Onions with Moroccan Harissa on a Hero


Lamb Sandwich

Tower’s own Roasted Sliced Leg of Lamb, Cole Slaw & Specially Made Sauce on a Brioche Roll


Tower Chicken Deluxe 

Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Melted Cheddar & Mayo on a Roll


Chicken Delight

Chicken Cutlet, Monterey Jack, Lettuce, Tomato & Honey Mustard on a Roll

Deli Delight

Honey Glazed Ham, Turkey, Swiss & Honey Mustard on a Roll


Chicken Salad

Freshly Made Chicken Salad on a Roll

Vegetarian Delight 

Zucchini, Onions, Squash, Spinach, Havarti Cheese & pickled Red Onion on a Wrap


Grilled Mediterranean

Eggplant, Red Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Humus, Feta Cheese & Garlic Aioli on a Wrap


Grilled Chicken Wrap

Freshly Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato on a Wrap


Pastrami Melt

Pastrami, Swiss, Peppers, Onions & Mustard on a Hero


The American

Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, American Cheese & Mayo 

on a Hero


Roast Beef Sandwich

Roast Beef, Provolone & Mayo on a Hero


Music City Tuna

Freshly Made Tuna Salad & Pepper Jack Cheese on 

Marble Rye or a Roll


Music City Gobbler 

Turkey, Avocado, Cheddar & Sabi Sauce on Wheat


The Legend

Roast Beef, Melted Cheddar, BBQ Sauce & Onion on a Hero


Tower Supreme

Cajun Turkey, Ham, American Cheese, Bacon & Mayo on a Hero


Classic Turkey Club

Turkey, Bacon, Monterey Jack, Tomato & Leaf Lettuce on Sourdough White


NY Deli Sandwich

Beef Salami, Pickled Red Onion, Munster Cheese & House Dressing on a Hero


Southern Favorite

Fried Bologna, American Cheese & Mustard on White

Cali Sandwich

Sliced Chicken, Avocado, Lettuce, Provolone & Tomato on a Ciabatta

Chicken Philly

Freshly Grilled Chicken, Pepper Jack Cheese & Grilled Peppers and Onions on a Hero


The Cuban

Ham, Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, Pickles & Mustard on pressed Cuban Bread


Classic BLT

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo on White or Wheat Bread



Salsalito Turkey, Mayo, Tomato, Arugula, Sprouts &

Avocado on Rye Bread


Meatball Sub

Homemade Meatballs in Marinara Sauce with Mozzarella served on a Hero


Classic Corned Beef

Thinly Sliced Corned Beef with Mustard on Rye Bread


Salsalito Wrap

Turkey, Monterey Jack Cheese, Avocado & 

Cranberry-Orange Relish


Grilled Cheese

Havarti, Gouda & Cheddar Cheese melted on Grilled, Buttered Sourdough Bread


The Godfather

Pastrami, Corned Beef, Swiss & Sabi Sauce on a Hero


London Broil

Topped with Pimento Cheese & served on a Hero


Egg Salad Sandwich

Egg Salad, Romaine Heart & Tomatoes on Sourdough White


Beef Brisket Sandwich

National Beef’s Thickly sliced Brisket with Muenster Cheese, topped with Coleslaw, Pickles & Spicy BBQ Sauce on a Hero


*All Signature Sandwiches are served with with Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato & Pickle Spear

Additional Toppings:

Grilled Onions


Pickled Jalapenos 




Grilled Peppers




Add to any Order:




Home Fries


Buttered Bagel

Choice of Bagel with Butter


Bagel With Cream Cheese

Choice of Bagel with Cream Cheese


Bagel Deluxe

Eggs, Cheese, Grilled Peppers & Onions on your

choice of Bagel


Biscuits & Gravy

Two Biscuits & Country Gravy


Western Bagel

Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Peppers, Onion & Tomato 

on your choice of Bagel


Italian Bagel

Eggs, Pepperoni, Mozzarella on your choice of Bagel

Southern Cheese & Jam Bagel

Bagel & Cream Cheese with local Jam or Honey

2 Eggs Any Style

Served with a Croissant, Biscuit or Roll


2 Eggs & Cheese Any Style

Served with a Croissant, Biscuit or Roll

Any Meat, Eggs & Cheese

Ham, Turkey Sausage, Pork Sausage or Bacon served with a Croissant, Biscuit, Roll or Bagel


Sausage Biscuit


Chicken & Cheese Biscuit 


Breakfast Burrito 

Chorizo, Eggs, Cheese, Potato, Peppers & Onions in a Tortilla


American Breakfast

Beef Salami, American Cheese, Eggs & Onion on a Roll

Breakfast BLT

Bacon, Fried Egg, Lettuce & Tomato on Wheat Bread


Philly Steak Breakfast 

Premium Cut Rib-eye Steak, Egg, Cheese, Grilled Peppers  & Onions on a Roll

Tower Bagel Supreme

Lox, Cream Cheese, Tomato, Capers and red onions on choice of bagel 

Tower’s Own Breakfast Special

Eggs, Cheese & your choice of Turkey, Ham or Pastrami on a Hero or Roll


Tower Burrito 

Hereford Beef, Eggs, Cheese, Peppers, Onions, Potato & Chipotle Mayo in a Tortilla


Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Zucchini, Spinach, Eggs, Potatoes, Peppers & Onions in a tortilla


Cali Croissant 

Ham, Eggs, Cheese & Spinach on a Multi-grain Croissant


Tower’s Leo Special

Lox, Eggs, Onion, Capers & Boar’s Head Havarti Cheese on a Sesame Seed Bagel


Tower Omelette Plate

Eggs, Cheese, Peppers, Onions & your choice of Ham, Turkey, Pastrami, Corned Beef, Bacon or Sausage served with Home Fries, Biscuit or Toast


English Fowl

Chicken Sausage Patty on an English Muffin









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